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Please find the list of services I provide.

Professional Translator German / English:

Modern machine translations still cannot compare with the quality of an English speaking expert. The genius of the written word is best captured and checked by a human who simply loves the language and can write it and speak it perfectly.

My experience ranges from translating German websites to English, German books and poetry.

Contact me directly please via e-mail. [email protected]

Professional English Teaching:

I’ve been teaching the English language successfully almost all my life. After many years of teaching English as a foreign language in German schools, I now work directly with students and adults and do online English teaching with foreign students.
My English Courses can be booked on a one to one learning experience with me personally or also as an online one to one learning experience.

Contact me directly please via e-mail. [email protected]

Professional Freelance Copywriter:

The Internet has expanded the range of copywriting opportunities to include landing pages and other web content, online advertisements, emails, blogs, social media and other forms of electronic communications. My skill and expertise with the language, could be a tremendous asset to any of the above fields of work.

Contact me directly via e-mail. [email protected]

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