A symphony of creatures, great and small, within my sight. I became the sea, and each molecule burst forth from me in glory, With waves that crashed and swelled with boundless might, And in my depths, a world of life did flourish, Then, with your touch, my heart and soul were fed. I became the…

The Tree

Let this Love now be a treeBranching to infinityAnchored deep in the eternal meWe like leaves too, bud, then wiltWith the seasons, colour-filled quilt Take spring buds, youth, filled with gleeSummer comes rich, both for you and meAutumn’s tide turns with a golden glowTo pick our planted fruit and knowWinters time, white to silver, my…


It’s the absence, the very lack.Which reveals the essenceThis enables me to recognizeThat it’s with nothingWe discover something so essentialNot who I amFor this, I will die or decayIt’s what we areWhich is commonly called essentialInvisibly profound yet definitively formativeThis treasure lies intimately hiddenYet intentionally discoverable for us all. Share FacebookTwitterLinkedinWhatsappEmailPrint


Usby Liam Let me ask,These words spokenThese letters writtenDo they carry you, lift you,Enhance the light of your day?For a tired mind would sleep this moment awayIt’s for those of usThirsting for the seaCalling for recognitionSearching for the GrailWe seersWe listenersWe searchers Will find our instant of admissionFor all hidden to the eyeIs found not in…


As salty crystal dissolves in seaSo it’s Love which dissolves in meWithin my heart, heaven shines a lightAppears a starWhich share’s the insightBetween the cosmos and the deep blue seaExistence is this call in meTo be true to allTo be true to lifeTo be in loveTo let go of strife. Share FacebookTwitterLinkedinWhatsappEmailPrint