Poetry: Laughter Remember, when you laughed till you cried Crystals of joy tumbling to the sky It’s how I’m intensely in the now Laughing Cannot be a product of my past Laughter cannot be an Intension of my future Be spiritual and smile Be in spirit and happiness abounds Be authentic its joyful my soul…


Poetry: Mingle by Liam We mingle amongst one another As air mingles with earth, Water too absorbs This fluidity mixing Invisible, it flows between the elements Enriching Enhancing Enabling Us With the miracle of life abundant. Love mingles too between our elements of body, soul and spirit Enriching Enhancing Enabling Us immersed in being To…

Self Talk

Poetry: About Self-talk by Liam This life is what I call my reality My reality is the experience of how this feels My senses weave together a manifold panorama Captured by memories called the past These pictures influence my present, as do the narrative associated with them This powerful recall loop created by our Consciousness…


Poetry: Joy by Liam “Joy, joy, joy” Calls as the invisible, Ever present smile Reminds me to rethink thoughts Allowing love to be the bridge between This mirror and its reflection Me Caught between contemplation and anticipation In the quietude which Emanates from silence Share FacebookTwitterLinkedinemailPrint


Poetry: Nectar by Liam Friends, thought at times blocks your light Look past these,for there In the moment of here You will quench your thirst Bathing in the sweet nectar Of now. Share FacebookTwitterLinkedinemailPrint