Poetry:Fragrance by Liam Sweet petals create the blossom Delicate gain the perfume of her glance Forgiveness is a fragrance from her mother She breaths in slowly smiles then laughs. Share FacebookTwitterLinkedinemailPrint

Poetry: Entwined

Poetry: Entwined by Liam Poetry: Entwined by Liam Here we lie deeply entwined Not our bodies but our minds. Hearts aglow thoughts gentle caress Soft the lines across your face. Laughter too we share we smile Think, it’s been a while since Last I loved Last my body arched and sighed Lovers touch Lovers cries…

Poetry: Numbers

Poetry: Numbers by Liam One and one these equal two One we know The other too Forming two, though this requires your understanding Of equal So as you create language be clear with your thoughts Words like numbers will equal their outcomes Equal their beginnings Creating real results. Share FacebookTwitterLinkedinemailPrint