A Child

To give the name
 Again I take thee by the hand
 In silence walk the lonely strand
 Gently ruffles the breeze you sweet
 The ripples, tickle my toes & feet
 Our gaze is captured in the morning hue
 I feel a movement inside you
 Inside you shines a growing name 
A child begins, like the…

Poetry: The Bond

Poetry : The Bond by Liam We are bonded Indeed in more ways than I know When stepping forward You are my earth The dark soil to which we return Closing my eyes I find yours wide open Observing, understanding as yet, what I have not As I reach out with my feelings Your love…


Poem: The Footprint Its in the setting of my foot print That my words begin to walk A journey across wide spaces Deep inside my thoughts The story of those places Of stars of mountains too Of hummingbirds and crystal balls of you and me and who This world of ever never It’s here for…