Poem: The Captain

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Poem: The Captain

Upon the bridge he took his stand.

The captains look a journey planned.

To distant star, it’s light still dim.

Blazing gold the radiant rim.

Of a setting sun,

against a rising tide.

Moon was full the seagull cried.

The urchin curled within its shell.

A shooting star,

to the ringing bell.

Horizon cut the dark in two!

In ocean deep

We are the few to leave….

the wave,

the wet,

the blue.

Fly, through the heavens on a stary night.

Sails filled with moon milky light,

On sparkling spume.

The firmament we’ll trawl.

Constellations be the ports of call.

Pieces, Sagittarius, Andromeda too.

To visit you wonder, the question who?

Let it be spoken

Let it be said

Those lonely souls, while you sleep in bed.

Received us well,

With both laughter & joy.

We traded our memories, dreams, thoughts and ideas.

We threw over board the worry and fears.

To sunsets new rising,

A waking new day.

I’d passaged the cosmos.

I’d found a new way,

Of grabbing the moment,

Of touching the pulse.

Of living the fullest.

Of being my most.

Now waking so slowly

I’ll take all that I have.

The bag on my shoulder

Is a treasure I’ve had.

Your far distant calling echoes deep in my ear.

To find you my friend.

The star distant I hear.

Liam December 2016

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