Poem: Leaving

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Poem: Leaving


we take what we have and go

leave behind what we do know.

depart, from you, leave without the one.

alone again my steps drag heavy from fun,

….the share & care & lovingly.. begun.


I have only me with bags galore

leave find that together is so much more

depart , from us, the fullness so complete…

alone again the fleeting feel now obsolete,

….the talk & laugh & completely.. alone


leaves me quite in the now, still

leave me naked stripped of feeling how

two companions captured in the now of love

depart, to start the day alone again

…the touch & feel & fullfillingly.. pain

wind strokes, me, your cheek too

sun warms me, your skins feels its touch,

who holds the softness, you, I miss so much

thoughts brush the smile oft on your lips

my smile the memory of the kiss

…leaving, we leave.. The bliss

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