Poem Poetry: Magical

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Poem Poetry: Magical

When I love, let me be moistened

Not only by your lips but also by your oceans

That cosmos of twinkling which shines from your eyes

Thoughts, like ripples which tickle my imagination

Splash playfully as we talk

As we walk hand in hand

The here to there is trivial

What is profound is to move with your magic

Sharing a moment in your experience is vivid

It’s new, it enables me to reassemble my sand castle of insights

Building a fortress of lofty blown clouds

Vast, more coherent, more in touch.

You touch me too, in mysterious mystical nuances

Moments in which

Recognition pats me quietly on the shoulder

Deja Vu mingles in these meetings

Suspended between the alpha and the omega

We experience ourselves woven inextricably into the fabric of life

Spun threads of cosmic fluff finding meaning

Discovering how deeply delicious life has become


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