Poem: Awakening

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Poem: Awaking

If the day would bring you back

Morning fresh, as dew upon the wing

To me


Beams of light and joy

Yes, this is what I’d sing

“Golden apples

Jingling bells, ring with all the morning

Heart my trumpet is a calling

Joy, be happy let me sing.”

It’s you, returned to hold me

My lover of those nights.

You who left me standing

You who tore away my anchor

Who simply, flew away

I wave, the roar fades

Words reflect off the fuselage of my soul

I speak in vapor trails

Now in dreams asleep I find you

Curled in feathered down.

Plucked from that pillow

A smile transforms the frown

A kiss returns my harbor

A laugh we spinning fall

It’s In these early hours

Twixt dawn and waking call

We eat the wild berries

The juice, sweet natures call

White lilies, red the roses

The basket full our dreams

We dancing taste the dew drops light

So real this truly seems.

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