Poem: About Insight

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Poem: About Insight

 In a moment, waking not from sleep

But in thoughts caught up with yesterday’s complexity

A breeze lifts my sight 

Quietly admitting the light

A flower unfolds 

Revealing the subtle frailty

The intimacy of understanding

Insight into tomorrow’s story

Insight into that

Tweaking my puzzledness 

Ah Haaaa!

Did you hear, Eureka!

Unpremeditated it worked

 Not a trumpet call

It’s the steady focus

Me pushing forward into the depths

Snooping around in the subconscious 

Collecting crumbs, fragments 

minuscule tit bits 

It’s in the letting go

Flowing forward into the idea

It answers

Like sweetly picking a ripe berry

Then enjoying that rush of taste



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