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Poetry: Petals

by Liam

This heart of mine is all trouble and heavy,

That sweet place of peace has lost the divine.

Not by the poison of the bee or the sting of the wasp.

The absence of my awareness is its corruption.

My weighted sigh, its negligence,

Whispering woe unto my ears.

Let me now run, abandon the protocol,

Hurl myself into the maelstrom of chaos.

Loose the burden of this pretending self

Or simply be like petals blown into the flame of love,

Where jasmine caresses the dark ash,

Where beauty returns to the face of joy,

Brings laughter again to the smile of you.

You, alive in the wasp, the bee, the jasmine, and me.

Me a tumbleweed rolling across the desert land ,

Casting loves seeds to tomorrows awareness

Again free, united with the wind, sky and thee.

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