The Journey

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Poetry: The Journey

by Liam

I too am a traveler,

True, wide, and further.

Mountains traversed, oceans crossed, and deserts wandered,

Yet, only after I immobilized my body,

Literally stopped moving,

Did the real journey begin.

This was truly amazing.

Not the movement of a muscle,

Nor the twitch of an eyelid,

Yet, it was further away than I’d ever ventured before.

I decided

To make the journey to the very deepest,

The very most hidden core of myself.

It was a journey, for it was not made in a day,

Took weeks, took months where I meditated quietly.

Each time returning with insights.


The treasure of my past,

In its detail, in its glory,

Its pain and its healing.

Thereafter, things became different.

I wasn’t going somewhere.

I was becoming something.

Merging with a field of energetic possibilities.

It is a melting.

It is a dissolving.

It is an absorbing.


In this, never for a moment

Did I lose contact

With that which is intrinsically me.

That which was before my birth,

That which will remain after leaving this sheath.

This was my guide as I vanished.

This was my keeper as I merged.

This was the center of nothing.

This was the core of peace.

This is the journey I began.

I am and forever will be


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