Sonnet: I am the I am

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Sonnet: I am the I am

by Liam

In these lockets, find I not my essence,

Nor does my skin reveal its true ident.

For deep in me resides a Soul immense,

Creating who I am with temperament.

These lips, these eyes express not my metaphor.

Yet hidden in the depths, the Spirit dwells.

Unseen, yet powerful, it will endure,

This guiding force within me shall swell.

These hands, these feet, they are not my name,

They serve me but are not my being.

A vessel incomplete, yet not in vain,

My Body hosts the Soul, forever seeing.

My looks, my style do not define my worth,

For I’m a Universal child by birth.

Not constrained by you or others’ say, I

“I am the ‘I am’ in every way.”

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