FINDING LOVE: New Millennium Poetry


The poems contained within this book, New Millennium Poetry, have been written with an intuitive passion for rhyme, action and flow. The content is wide ranging, meaningful and at times provocative. Fuelled by the search for meaning and understanding in the modern self are themes which are inherent in the poems of New Millennium Poetry.



About this book, ‘Finding Love.’

“It’s Love that makes the world go around!”

How often have we heard these words? Yet, this is and remains valid for us all. The poetry spread across these pages of ‘Finding Love’ continues as my endeavour to explore the beautiful and enigmatic experience of Love in its endless aspects. We apply the idea of Love to many things other than the emotional; by doing so, we intrinsically connect our highest emotion to all our experiences. We lift Love into the experiential evaluation of our human condition, yet in a materialistic world, Love cannot be bought or manifest as an object. It remains an expression of our nature. My task as a poet has been to explore a multitude of avenues through which we pass in the course of our lives, capturing brief moments and ideas, thoughts and metaphors in the language of poetry. Each of you as a reader will, in your way, respond, resonate or react to a poem in your way, taking or leaving the ideas a poem carries. This book contains the infinite message of Finding Love, which you will also discover.


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