Poem: Death

Poem: Death

Should death us part.

For but a fragment of time.

Let still this fragment shine.

A shard, nothing but a shattered piece of

Me remains to see,

Reflect a life gone by.

I might cry, not understand the why.

The meaning of no good-by…

Yet the light of good shines on,

Shines strong, shines long…

Enough to wake me from this pain.

Gone lame my mind

Help to find

The day anew,

To share & to review

What we still have to share

What we still have to bare.

What we still have to do.

Liam 2016

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  1. adarianqueen, death is, yet it will remain our deed to lift its dark secret shroud and shine a little beauty beneath that ultimate mask. Thank you for your response, thank you for lifting that shroud but for a moment. Liam

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