Poem: a Death

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Death,a death, the day now done.
A pronouncement with which life begun.
From infinitesimal cellular start ,
Manifest smiles, a chuckle, a laugh.
Biography unfolds through the pages in time.
Each story, the author themselves, the sublime.
Fill moments with doing,want, wish dream & call.
Make us wonder,
The puzzle the picture, the all.

Do we find a calling, stem the deed, plant a tree, live the love that’s meant to be?
Grasp responsibility, feel free, in being who we ought to be?

Death, a death, a day now done.
We traverse life till the setting sun,
Ablaze in colour, warm passing leaves….

Naught, but dust blown breeze,
Nought,but scattered fall ,
The whitherd leaves ,
Memories …..
Of that which lies before,
A picture,I stand before the door .

Frankfurt Feb 2013



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