Poem: The Desperate Day

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Poem: The Desperate Day

If only there could be a day

A day where I would wipe away

The trouble & the strife

The worry with the knife

Held tight to slice the life

Which pulses hard & strong

Wrong, still ringing in my ear

Fear grabs my soul a tear

Rolls wet & dry

My cry of pain

I’ve lost the cause

I’ve lost the fight

I fall & fall & fall in fright

The day is here where all the might

Of insecurity profound has found

My jugulars pulsing beat

The dull moment of defeat

Cold steel the blade will meet

Kill my source & life

It Bursts a stream of gushing red

The blood spreads sticky out across the floor

The blood spreads quickly till life no more

Oozes out , the pain the doubt …..

In release what will I find?

My frantic call, manic spins the mind of no recall

Will I return to the all?

A space where being one could supersede my dreaded need?

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