Your Story

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Look at the silver face of the moon
From this mirror shines an image
You, which recognize self
This power creates the microcosms
This majesty recognizes the microcosms
Go into it for the recognition
Shows my heart the way home to God’s self.

Your chapter is found in the divine story of life
Written in starlight,
Across the face of the cosmos
When read aloud,
You hear not the thunder of oceans
It’s in the silence of your quietude
All those questions are answered.

When looking for the way to God.

One thought on “Your Story

  1. In “Your Story” by Liam, the poet uses cosmic and spiritual imagery to suggest that each person is a unique and essential part of the larger story of creation. The poem suggests that our individual stories are written in the stars, and that when we listen deeply, we can hear the answers to life’s deepest questions. The moon is used as a symbol of reflection, a mirror in which we can see our own image and recognize our own power and majesty. The poem suggests that this recognition is essential to finding our way back to God, or to a deeper sense of connection with the divine. Overall, the poem celebrates the idea that each person has a unique and important role to play in the larger story of creation, and that the key to understanding this role lies in recognizing our own inner power and majesty.

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