Your Name

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Your Name
by Liam

Your name remains a haunting grace
Upon my lips, a whispered trace,
A vision of you, crystal clear,
Imprinted in my mind, forever near.
Memories of you, so deeply set,
Entwined within the fibres of my heart,
Where, then do I lay these words of the verse,
This curse of love, from me to thee, dispersed.
A longing ache, a burning flame,
For one who will forever remain,
Inscribed within my heart’s sweet bower,
Your name, my love, my endless power.

One thought on “Your Name

  1. The poem “Your Name” by Liam is a love poem that explores the speaker’s feelings of longing and desire for a person who has left a lasting impression on their heart and mind. The speaker portrays their love for this person as a haunting grace, a whisper on their lips, and a crystal clear vision that is imprinted in their mind.

    The language used in the poem is emotional and evocative, emphasizing the depth of the speaker’s love. The use of words like “haunting,” “whispered,” “longing ache,” and “burning flame” creates a sense of yearning and a desire for connection with the person they love.

    The poem also highlights the power of the beloved’s name and how it has become a source of strength and inspiration for the speaker. The speaker describes their love as a curse, suggesting that their feelings are both a blessing and a burden, but at the same time, it is also referred to as “endless power.”

    Overall, the poem is a beautifully written expression of love and its lasting impact on the speaker’s life. The language and imagery used create a vivid picture of the speaker’s feelings and demonstrate the power of love to endure even when separated from the beloved.

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