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We are all born with wings.
It’s their invisibility which holds the power
To soar where few birds cry
High where eagles fly
Listen for what you perceive as magnificent
What you see is amazingly clear
With these pinions outspread
I’ve glided across endless seas
Crossed snow-covered peaks with ease
To find you alone, far from heaven
To remind you, too, to fly
Not with thoughts,
With the strength of insight
With the muscle of imagination
With the pure recognition
It’s not air beneath our feathers. It’s Light
Which carries us
Which brings us
Together forever.

One thought on “Wings

  1. In “Wings” by Liam, the poet uses the metaphor of wings to suggest that all human beings have the potential to achieve great things if they can tap into their invisible strengths. The poem encourages the reader to listen for the power and the beauty within themselves, and to take flight on the strength of their insight, imagination, and pure recognition. The use of imagery such as soaring over endless seas and snow-covered peaks implies a sense of freedom and possibility, while the idea that it’s not air beneath the feathers but light which carries us suggests a spiritual or metaphysical dimension to this potential. The final line, “Together forever,” suggests a sense of unity and interconnectedness that is essential to achieving our full potential. Overall, the poem urges the reader to trust in their own inner strengths and to embrace the power and beauty within themselves.

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