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I found your words, then smiled
For behind the idea of your talk
The reason you uttered them became visible
It’s here we met, we conversed
Within this niche, we communicated
What seemed like silence was a manifestation
Of our togetherness
Even though we only had just met
What we experienced was much, much more
More than the sum of our individual thoughts
Ideas or even personalities
It was the interconnection between souls
A Recognition of our common uniqueness
An understanding of our universality.

One thought on “Utterance

  1. “Utterance” is a poem that explores the power of words and communication between individuals. The speaker reflects on a conversation they had with someone, noting how the words exchanged were not just simple phrases, but instead a manifestation of a deeper connection between their souls. The speaker suggests that the conversation was much more than just the sum of their individual thoughts and personalities, but instead an interconnection between souls, recognizing their common uniqueness and universality.

    The poem highlights the idea that communication is not just a matter of exchanging words, but also a deeper exchange of understanding and connection between individuals. The concept of the “niche” where the speaker and their conversation partner met and conversed suggests a small, intimate space where the two individuals were able to connect on a deeper level.

    Overall, “Utterance” presents a thought-provoking reflection on the power of communication and the connections that can be formed through it.

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