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by Liam

Let me ask,
These words spoken
These letters written
Do they carry you, lift you,
Enhance the light of your day?
For a tired mind would sleep this moment away
It’s for those of us
Thirsting for the sea
Calling for recognition
Searching for the Grail
We seers
We listeners
We searchers 
Will find our instant of admission
For all hidden to the eye
Is found not in the sky
But by the heart.

One thought on “Us

  1. “Us” by Liam is a contemplative and introspective poem that explores the search for truth, recognition, and enlightenment. The speaker asks the reader if these words have any impact or influence on their lives, and if they have the thirst for knowledge, truth, and connection. The speaker addresses the reader as “us” and implies that they are part of a community of searchers, listeners, and seers who are seeking something more in life.

    The poem suggests that the answers we seek are not found in the physical world or the sky, but in the heart. The idea of the heart being the key to unlocking the truth is a common theme in many spiritual and philosophical traditions. The speaker encourages the reader to keep searching and to be true to themselves and to life.

    Overall, the poem invites the reader to reflect on their own search for truth and purpose and encourages them to look within for answers and fulfillment.

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