The Tree

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Let this Love now be a tree
Branching to infinity
Anchored deep in the eternal me
We like leaves too, bud, then wilt
With the seasons, colour-filled quilt

Take spring buds, youth, filled with glee
Summer comes rich, both for you and me
Autumn’s tide turns with a golden glow
To pick our planted fruit and know
Winters time, white to silver, my hair does fade.

Strife too, passes like the falling leaf
Storm shakes the boughs.

With me, it’s grief
It’s my roots which steadfast to the pain
Hold the tree strong for another day gained

Through this all, we are but one
A twig, a branch, a stem, a tree
From a seed grown tall, this me
It’s light, it’s the sun towards which we strain
My soul, the seed in God’s good gain.

One thought on “The Tree

  1. In “The Tree” by Liam, the poet uses the metaphor of a tree to represent the enduring power of love and the interconnectedness of all life. The poem suggests that, like a tree, love has the potential to branch out infinitely and to anchor itself deeply in the eternal essence of the self. The use of seasonal imagery, from the buds of spring to the fading of winter, suggests the cyclical nature of life and the inevitability of change. The poem also acknowledges the struggles and hardships that come with life, such as strife and grief, but suggests that these challenges can ultimately make us stronger, just as the roots of a tree anchor it in the face of storms. The final lines suggest a spiritual dimension to this idea, as the soul is likened to a seed planted in God’s good gain, implying a sense of purpose and divine providence. Overall, the poem celebrates the enduring power of love and the unity of all life, even in the face of change and struggle.

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