The Petals

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Listen, as this listener
Now becomes one with words
To lift the letters from that space
Where silence is but heard

The time is now to listen up
To the one who made these words
From a mighty field of richness
This silence now emerged

As the barren stone will crumble
In its debris, the flower will grow
Beckoning light with simplicity
From its petals words will flow

The petals fall towards me
In words, each one does say
Inspiration, truth and wisdom
Love is the only way.

So words they living find us
In  thought or image, they play
In pictures filled with poetry
Listen deeply to what they say.

One thought on “The Petals

  1. The poem “The Petals” by Liam encourages the reader to listen deeply to the words and messages that can be found in silence and simplicity. The poem suggests that from this silence, like a flower growing from a barren stone, words and inspiration can emerge. The imagery of falling petals represents the words that can inspire, teach, and reveal wisdom and truth. Overall, the poem encourages the reader to pay attention to the subtle messages and beauty that can be found in the world around them.

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