The Gate

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The Gate

My home, beyond today, waits patiently
Heaven is that place held in my eternity
Though I question where I go each night.
I need not look beyond the flight of that intrepid flaming star

Oceanic is that shoreless sea
Truth is, I’m the drop,
 found in this me
Beguiled my moment at the door
The dream of life, of love, which comes before the fall.

It’s those secrets known too few but known to thee
The sun & moon
The cosmos, you & I

We look
We laugh
We love
We cry

A mystery wrapped in awe
What exists behind that transitory door?
Ages of man march forward in sequent toil done
Contend the knowledge that at the very end
We shall meet our maker at the gate
Then we shall leave
Live this life, don’t wait.

One thought on “The Gate

  1. The poem “The Gate” by Liam is a philosophical musing on life and death, as well as the relationship between the individual and the universe. The speaker reflects on their journey through life, suggesting that they are like a “drop” in the vast, “oceanic” sea of existence. The speaker also ponders the mysteries of the afterlife, imagining that one day they will meet their maker at “the gate.” The poem is characterized by its use of vivid imagery and contemplative tone.

    The poem’s themes of life and death, as well as the individual’s place in the universe, are explored through the use of metaphor and allusion. The “flaming star” that the speaker does not need to look beyond could represent the life journey of the individual, as well as the cycles of birth and death. The “secret” knowledge that is known to the speaker and the “sun & moon” suggest a connection between the individual and the greater cosmos.

    The final lines of the poem emphasize the importance of living life to the fullest and not waiting for the afterlife. This reinforces the idea that life is fleeting and should be valued and appreciated. Overall, “The Gate” is a thought-provoking meditation on life, death, and the human experience, encouraging readers to reflect on their own lives and the greater mysteries of existence.

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