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Yet we were mesmerized,
at first by its form
Be not blinded by the smoke or body
These are also, only like words, smoke
Feel your flame
Find Love.

These words are smoke,
which rises from the soul
The heat, the energy,
 lies unseen in the thing
We take it, we turn it, we burn it
Now we feel it, the energy.

One thought on “Smoke

  1. In “Smoke” by Liam, the poet uses the metaphor of smoke to suggest that words and physical forms are only temporary manifestations of a deeper energy or essence. The poem suggests that we are often initially drawn to the outward appearance of things, but that it is important to look deeper and connect with the underlying energy that gives them life. The smoke represents the ephemeral and transitory nature of things, while the “flame” represents the eternal and unchanging essence that lies beneath. The poem encourages us to find love by connecting with this deeper essence, and not to be distracted or blinded by the surface-level appearances of things. Overall, the poem invites us to look beyond the smoke and find the deeper, more enduring truth at the heart of all things.

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