Oh Heart!

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Oh, Heart,
You recognize these patrons, guests
Every one
By day and every minute
You are welcome to my home
Thoughts, like people,
Enter this house, my heart
Openly, we rejoice with each unique individual
For their virtue lies in love
The love each one holds is a thought.

One thought on “Oh Heart!

  1. The poem “Oh Heart” by Liam speaks to the heart’s capacity for love and acceptance. The author personifies the heart as a welcoming host, recognizing all of the different thoughts that enter its “house.” The author suggests that each thought, like a person, is welcomed with open arms and celebrated for the love it contains. The poem emphasizes that the heart is capable of infinite love and acceptance, as it recognizes and embraces every thought that enters it. Overall, the poem encourages the reader to cultivate an open and accepting heart, one that celebrates and honors the love within each thought and person.

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