Looking for Love

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Where do I go when looking for Love?
Or simply follow an attraction?
The bond, that magnetic pull, is irreversible
Yet not one word is written
Nor a syllable spoken
So sensitize, touch the strings which tug
You silently, quietly, inevitably
Towards the destination of the heart
Reason always plays a fickle fiddle
Free yourself from thought
Be expansive with your sensitivities
For they contain the power
The strength of the Universe,
The resilience of God.

One thought on “Looking for Love

  1. The poem “Looking for Love” by Liam contemplates the search for love and the power of attraction. The author suggests that the bond of love is magnetic and irreversible, and that it is often not expressed in words. Instead, the author suggests being sensitive to the subtle pulls of attraction, and following them towards the heart’s destination. The author encourages the reader to free themselves from overthinking, and to be open and expansive in their sensitivities, as they contain the power and strength of the universe and God. Overall, the poem emphasizes the importance of trusting one’s intuition and following the heart when searching for love.

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