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This life and the next
The last and the one which preceded that
These are all ours
All come from the spirit
All go to God
Each moment evolves in eternity
Each is a fantastic opportunity to live
To become more intricately involved
Intimately woven into the fabric
The texture of invisibility
Which reveals itself in your experience of our individuality.

One thought on “Life

  1. “Life” is a poem that explores the idea of life as a journey, both in this world and beyond. The poem suggests that life is not just a physical experience, but also a spiritual one, with the idea that the spirit is the source of all life and that all life returns to God in the end.

    The poem emphasizes the idea of life as an evolution, with each moment leading to growth and development. The phrase “intimately woven into the fabric” suggests that the individual is part of a larger, interconnected whole, and that their experiences are interconnected with the experiences of others.

    Overall, “Life” is a poem that encourages the reader to view life as a precious opportunity to grow and develop, both spiritually and physically. The poem invites the reader to consider their place in the larger fabric of existence, and to see their life as a journey that leads towards greater understanding and connection with the world and with God.

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