Flower Garden

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Flower Garden

There, growing in my garden
In colours, they did play
All the flowers that we love
From one, I heard it say.

“Pick me if you like me
Take me on your way.
Share me with another.
Make them a happy day.”


“Should you genuinely love me,
Leave these buds to grow.
For here we are in the hand of God
This you surely know.”

One thought on “Flower Garden

  1. “Flower Garden” is a short poem that describes a speaker observing flowers growing in their garden. The flowers invite the speaker to pick them and share them with others to bring joy, but they also suggest that true love of the flowers means leaving them to grow in the hand of God.

    The poem creates a contrast between the temptation to pick the flowers and share them, and the idea that the flowers are best left to grow and flourish in their natural state. The reference to the hand of God reinforces the idea that the flowers are part of a greater, divine plan and that they have a purpose beyond the speaker’s desire to possess them.

    Overall, “Flower Garden” is a simple yet powerful poem that explores themes of love, beauty, and the idea of allowing things to grow and flourish in their natural state. The poem encourages the reader to consider the impact of their actions on the world around them and to appreciate the beauty and purpose of the natural world.

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