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It’s the absence, the very lack.
Which reveals the essence
This enables me to recognize
That it’s with nothing
We discover something so essential
Not who I am
For this, I will die or decay
It’s what we are
Which is commonly called essential
Invisibly profound yet definitively formative
This treasure lies intimately hidden
Yet intentionally discoverable for us all.

One thought on “Essence

  1. This poem is exploring the idea that sometimes it is through the absence of things or the lack of something that we are able to see the true essence of things. The poem suggests that this essence is not something that can be found through looking at who we are, as that can change or disappear with time, but rather it is what we are that is essential and profound. The poem suggests that this essence is hidden but can be discovered by all of us if we look for it intentionally. It is an interesting perspective on the search for meaning and purpose in life, and the idea that sometimes we need to let go of what we think we know or what we have to find what is truly important and meaningful.

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