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A symphony of creatures, great and small, within my sight.

I became the sea, and each molecule burst forth from me in glory,

With waves that crashed and swelled with boundless might,

And in my depths, a world of life did flourish,

Then, with your touch, my heart and soul were fed.

I became the flame, and that which was,

Became the Phoenix of my eyes afire,

With flames that danced and roared with reckless joy,

And in their heat, my passions lit desire.

I became the Earth and in your gaze,

I transformed into rubies red,

With mountains tall and valleys deep, a treasures’ trove,

I became the wind which raged around your heart,

You, in that stillness, Opened my arms,

And let me enter the gate,

With a love that knows no bounds and knows no harm nor fate

So let me be the sea, the fire, the Earth, and the wind,

That I may hold you close and keep you safe,

And in my embrace, a world of wonder we shall find,

Together, always, in each other’s grace.

One thought on “Elementary

  1. The poem “Elementary” by Liam uses vivid imagery to describe the transformative power of love. The author personifies the elements of the natural world, becoming the sea, flame, earth, and wind, in order to express the depth and intensity of their love. The poem suggests that love is a force that can transform and elevate the world, creating a symphony of life and passion. The author emphasizes the importance of love as a source of safety and wonder, bringing people together in a mutual embrace of grace. Overall, the poem celebrates the transformative power of love, and the beauty and wonder that can be found within it.

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