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As salty crystal dissolves in sea
So it’s Love which dissolves in me
Within my heart, heaven shines a light
Appears a star
Which share’s the insight
Between the cosmos and the deep blue sea
Existence is this call in me
To be true to all
To be true to life
To be in love
To let go of strife.

One thought on “Dissolve

  1. “Dissolve” by Liam is a poem that explores the idea of love as a transformative and dissolving force. The comparison to salt dissolving in the sea is used to describe how love is absorbed into the speaker’s heart and transforms their life. The presence of love is described as shining light, like a star, and illuminating the connection between the cosmos and the sea, representing the vastness of existence.

    The speaker also emphasizes the importance of being true to one’s self and to life, and letting go of negative emotions like strife, which is often associated with struggle and conflict. This is seen as a necessary step in order to fully embrace love and allow it to dissolve within.

    Overall, the poem portrays love as a powerful, unifying force that can bring people closer to themselves, to each other, and to the greater universe.

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