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by Liam

In the release what will find ME?
Will the ME return to the all?
A space where being one could supersede my need
for consolation.
Reflection or even understanding, whereas.
What has happened or why
Loses validity.
I, lose reality.
The vehicle of my body,
Parked in the crematorium
Waits to be atomized.
This me, this freedom from constraints, is new.
Uniquely, my energy weaves
Wave-like, back again.
Again into the fabric of the universe, this flow.
This is light, the shining, this imminent dilution of persona to personification.
Anthropomorphism captures a last faint whisper of cognition.
A gasp, so fast living slips to past.
Gone to……GOD.

One thought on “Beyond

  1. “Beyond” is a poem that explores the concept of life after death and the release from physical constraints. The speaker questions what will become of them after death and if their essence will return to the universe. They reflect on the idea that individual reality and understanding become meaningless in the face of death, and their physical body will eventually be atomized.

    The poem speaks of a new freedom from constraints and a flow of energy back into the fabric of the universe. The personification of the universe is described as the light shining and the imminent dilution of the speaker’s persona. The poem ends with the idea that the speaker’s consciousness will fade into the past and eventually be absorbed into a higher power or deity, referred to as “GOD.”

    Overall, “Beyond” is a thought-provoking poem that delves into the concept of life after death and the idea of the release from physical limitations. The poem invites the reader to reflect on their own perceptions of life after death and the meaning of their existence.

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