A Windy Day

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We hold the day,
My sand-whipped hand
In yours,
You turn and say,
 “Catch me, catch me if you can.”
A windy walk
A windy laugh
A windy day
A windy way

Wind takes my hand, tugs your hair
Wave sprays the beach in the salty air
The heaving pebbled stone they rake
They rumble with the tumble beat and break

Will you take my sight?
This sun-filled joyous day
Light throws threads across a tear blue sky,
White ripped wisps, the passing clouds they fly.

It’s all white
It’s all blue
It’s all a game
We know and play
We laugh and say,
“I love the way you spin in air.”
the sunshine blinks,
the gold still molten in your hair.

One thought on “A Windy Day

  1. The poem “A Windy Day” by Liam is a celebration of the beauty of a windy day and the joy that it brings. The speaker describes the wind as taking their hand and tugging at the hair of someone else, and the waves crashing on the beach with a salty spray. The image of the wind playing with the clouds, white wisps flying through the sky, is especially vivid.

    The speaker seems to be sharing this moment of beauty with someone else, and they hold hands as they experience the windy day together. The joy is palpable in the line “We laugh and say, ‘I love the way you spin in the air.'” The sun shining and the gold in the other person’s hair is another indication of the beauty of the day.

    Overall, this poem is about the simple pleasure of experiencing a windy day and the joy that it brings. The imagery and playful tone of the poem create a lighthearted, joyful mood, making the reader feel like they are experiencing the windy day alongside the speaker.

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