A Child

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To give the name

Again I take thee by the hand

In silence walk the lonely strand

Gently ruffles the breeze you sweet

The ripples, tickle my toes & feet

Our gaze is captured in the morning hue

I feel a movement inside you

Inside you shines a growing name

A child begins, like the burning flame

Of love, we found on a starlit night

The moon shone high, the dew was light

We kissed and red your lips spoke soft

Of who and where and when and off

I listened deep,

I heard you sing

I saw a star, a shining ring

Of light, it flashed across that night.

To light our flame

To show that heaven unites

Again & again & again

This universal moment true

A child

The magic of just me and you.

One thought on “A Child

  1. In “A Child” by Liam, the poet reflects on the beauty and magic of creating new life. The poem takes the reader on a walk along a lonely strand, using sensory imagery such as the ruffling breeze and tickling ripples to create a sense of intimacy and connection. The poem suggests that a child is like a burning flame of love, kindled in a moment of starlit passion between two people. The use of celestial imagery, such as the moon and stars, implies a sense of wonder and magic in this process. The poem celebrates the idea that a child is a product of the union of two individuals, who share a special and unique bond. The repetition of “again & again & again” suggests that this moment of creation is universal and eternal, and that each child represents a new opportunity for love and connection. Overall, the poem celebrates the beauty and magic of new life and the special bond between two people who create it.

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