Ode to Love

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Poetry: Ode to Love

by Liam

Love is a celestial quest, divine,

Where words, like feathers, gracefully align.

This pen, this ink, this page, my humble tools,

As thoughts take flight, like birds from airy schools.

Within God’s embrace, my words find worth,

They lift with lightness, flying high from Mother Earth.

As air flow lifts their meaning to the skies,

Love’s reflection shines, as sun on eagle’s eyes.

Infinite moments captured in the sands of time,

Poetry, held in this hand, contemplates a rhyme.

Words, like stars, guide us searching on their way,

An astrolabe, for lovers show us where to play.

Here, love expresses this grand design,

As Shakespeare’s quill, too, did weave words sublime.

For in my ode, let lovers’ glow forever swell,

An expression of the truth we have to

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