Thy Forest

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Nature Poetry: Thy Forest

by Liam

In life’s great tapestry, what dost thou seek?

A purpose hidden, like a treasure rare,

Thou runn’st, a phantom, desperate and meek,

From tranquil haven, lost to worldly glare.

Unchain the agony that grips thy soul,

Release the shackles of desire’s cruel plea,

No longer be ensnared in futile goals,

But find thy solace ‘neath the forest’s tree.

Beneath the verdant canopy, a blossom,

Awaits your tender touch, thy heart to bless,

No more the game of seeking endless custom,

Thine own soul’s kingdom, thy soul’s finesse.

Embrace this path, where quiet blessings reign,

And in thy truth, this sovereignty regain.

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