Summer Free

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Poem: Summer Free

by Liam

Hazy meets the summer morn,

Fields full ripe with golden corn.

Heavy green the leaf in tree,

Bramble tangled, thorn, berry, bee.

A thousand starlings swirl the sky,

Mixing, twirling, screech, and cry.

While clinging frail to a fresh-mown lawn,

The myriad drops of a dew-showered dawn.

My bike rolls free

Through the morning me,

Fresh the red in a ripe apple tree.

I whistle, I sing, while words fly by,

Some while a bit longer,

Some catch my eye.

Build pictures,

Build moments,

Build rhyme, rhythm, song.

For you whom I look for,

Will I share my song?

Will I tell my story

This summer day long.

Of course, here’s the corrected version of the poem with proper punctuation:

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