Poem: Aphrodite

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Poem: Aphrodite

I often call, song ringing, through the valleys

Sweet dew of spring, a dripping Honey from it all





Each wait, mine too for Aphrodite

Sweeping she caresses all

The gentle call to spring

To sing cry shout and more !

Fling open wide my door

Out into the hills that ring.

Her sound, my call, the harmony

the deepness of this All

A blue clear day

Embedded on the grassy bank

I think your thoughts & more

You saw, me awake & In those eyes the Blue

The morning whispers

you too are touched.

You synchronize

You immortalize

We unify within my eyes

I laugh

You smile

We’ve seen the way.

Aphrodite !

2 thoughts on “Poem: Aphrodite

  1. Thank you so much Megha, Im thrilled that you liked this poetry. There really is much more to enjoy. Kind regards, Liam

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