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Poetry: The Apple 🍎

by Liam

I have read ten thousand pages

Learned the scriptures and memorized the

Speeches of the

Wise, old and true

Yet you over there

Watch the silence of air

Unfold in patterns

Untold in beauty

This transmigration of thoughts pure fruit

Plucked from the tree of Love

It’s gentle branches embracing my mind

Its soft leaves giving shadow to my rest

It’s roots anchoring my life in the reality of today

Sing, while I cry in joy

Thankful for this sweet taste of life.

One thought on “Apple

  1. “The Apple” is a poem that expresses the speaker’s appreciation for the simple beauty of nature. The speaker starts by saying that they have studied many books and learned from the wise, but they find more peace and beauty in the simple act of observing the silence of air. The poem then shifts to a metaphor, comparing this beauty to a fruit plucked from the “tree of Love.”

    The tree is described as having gentle branches that embrace the speaker’s mind, soft leaves that provide comfort and shade, and roots that anchor the speaker’s life in reality. The poem ends with the speaker expressing gratitude for this sweet taste of life and crying in joy.

    Overall, “The Apple” is a poem that contrasts the complex and often overwhelming knowledge gained through books and learning with the simple and calming beauty found in nature. The poem is a celebration of the life-giving and grounding properties of nature and a reminder to appreciate the simple things in life.

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