Poetry Poem: Red into Blue

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Poem: Red into Blue

I fell in love the other day

I don’t know why

I’m not quite sure or what to say

We chatted as it happens all a while

We laughed smiled

The simple act

The fact of having

Recognized that underlying

Our conversations flow Between our eyes

Beneath a glance or two

A knot of excitement pulsed with you

A bright brilliant ribbon of light

Swirled freely around my heart

A magnificence cast it’s spell

In me I surrendered to the bewilderment of you

I observed myself keenly

I wonder how this happens

I’m thrilled with the wild.

Red once blue.

What is this vibrance felt in me, flowing from you?

Is that how love happens?

Afar out there beyond

You are now alive in me

Beating thudding irregular across my chest

Excitement in a pearl

A home open to the few

Is now yours to touch

Enriching me so much.

Sweet smile across the night

Turns in me a living key around around around

Treasure is this place within me found

Shines it’s gorgeous light

To gaze with beating heart

Is it right?

It is new

No not wrong

Is it a song?

It is new

Yes life long I’ve listened

Waiting for this harmony melody symphony of blue

Now turns to Red in me

To Red in you.

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