Poetry Poem: About Love

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Poetry Poem: About Love

By Liam

“Love is more than just an emotion, it’s your very existence. “ Rumi

We name love as an emotion

We label love with our heart beat

We feel love through the pores of our touch

Still love is truely more

Love goes deeper

Love goes higher

Love goes further

Love knows all

For love is our very existence

Uniting the polarities

Creating the bonds

Healing the wounds

Of this world and that

Filling our being from the inside, speak out

“I love you.”

As an embrace, to include all

As a recognition, of all to come

As a sharing of self to selfless

Together we gaze in love, a moment longer

Dissolve in the light

Shiny, bright and true

To re-emerge purged of the shadows

Eyes ablaze with hope.

Hearts aflame with passion

Minds tuned to the universe

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