Poem: The Lovers

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Poem: The Lovers

Like heavy clouds on a sleepless night.

Mist still covers the eyes that might.

Reveal those thoughts in a tangle entwined.

What did happen?

Were you mine?

They could burn, deep in my brain.

Combustible particles.

Tinder awaiting flame.

Hot licentious fragments of imagination.

Fragrant as incense, smoke coils from my thinking.

Your curls in brunette cascade,

Playfully around those red puckered lips.

The slim silky covered hips.

Once shared, we enjoyed the plain. Played the game

Of you and me.

Our rough,

Our storm,

Our sea,

Our iniquity.

Who knows when we again might sail.

When we again might sprinkle light. When we again might…

Thunder clouds on a stormy night.

A pod,

Two peas.

Lost on lovers breeze.

Our seas.

Liam 2017

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