The Dance of Life

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Poetry: The Dance of Life

by Liam

In this symphony of life, find I my song,

Amidst daffodils and frangipani, I do belong.

Words twirl and soar on a gentle breeze,

Shadows they waltz beneath tall green trees.

In harmony with the buzzing hornets’ flight,

They pirouette, to a magical tunes delight,

Upon spiderweb, in a dew-kissed haze,

A ladybirds’ dance, on a leaf amaze.

Let’s Embrace the rhythm of this precious chance,

We choose joy over strife, in life’s grand dance.

In each step, we opt for love, not a fight,

Guided by truth, we strive to do right.

Together, we share smiles and dry each tear,

United by music that draws us near.

Let us celebrate in this symphony profound,

To our dance of life, from these words’ sweet sound.

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