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Poetry : Redemption

by Liam

Why be afraid of the silence,

For in silence I find not only self

I also discover my selflessness

Fear shies away from quietude for that stillness is rich

In this humble place, is found the ground

The very substance

The very substantiation

The amorphous body of consciousness

Creator of worlds, before and after

Creator in our world of here and now

This is all we ever need embrace

God in the grace of our own experience

Whisperer of truth, fountainhead of youth

Responding to moments like

We respond to salvation.

Responding to moments of how

We react to redemption .

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2 thoughts on “Redemption

  1. This is a thought-provoking and inspiring poem. The imagery of fear shying away from silence and finding self and selflessness in stillness is powerful, and the final lines about responding to moments of salvation and redemption are particularly moving. Overall, a great poem!

    1. Tom, my appreciation and deep thanks for your response to this poem, Redemption. In my many years of writing, few people have commented on my work. I wish I knew why? Anyway, if it’s poetry, which strives to explore the core values and idiosyncrasies of our human nature that you resonate with, this poem will surely not be the last. It’s a hybrid Poetry I’ve named “New Millennium Poetry”, which has come to fruition in four volumes. The last one was published YESTERDAY! (Amazon) I’m so thrilled. Enjoy, and best wishes in this time of Advent. Liam

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