Poem: Up Octave Life

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This today is a melody,

To whistle and sing.

The music I hear like laughter it rings.

In the morning when waking,

To sparkle my eye.

Reach over and touch you,

With wonder and why.

With happy and smile

With music and song.

It’s the new days beginning

To share to belong .

To together

To this moment

To here now at one

Let’s up octave our living.

Let’s lift up our song.

Let’s fill it with sharing

Let’s do right not the wrong.

The music flows in the beat of my heart.

Melody harmony rhythm they start

Accompany song as it soars to the sky

For all to hear

For all to try

Join in this chorus

Live the life

Love the deed

Plant the seed

Share the smile

Give and help

Hold a hand

Be aware the day is here and now.

Tomorrow for some sad will be gone.


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