Poem: The Pythoness

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Poem: The Pythoness

In its wake winter took me.

Shook, shivering strong winds curled up inside.

Occupied my focus,

my imagination.

Felt frost bitten,

Edgy sharp uncommunicative patterns.

Became visible across that reptile skin.

Raw my brain hibernated .

Slumbering on the doorstep to my mind.

Shivering occasionally in meditation.

I watched that creature.

Convoluted pulsing, pythoness.

Requiring warmth to inspire my amygdala reptile.

Rodent like, spring moved forward.

Black unconscious eyes

Flicked with a forked tongue .

Tasting it’s air, a deep need to feed on creativity.

Lashed out grabbing prey.

Peristalticly digesting, ingesting the nutrients .

The life restoring substance of sunshine.

Rejuvenates activates initiates my brain again.

Slithering she slides down deep,

Into the dark rich humus of my imagination.

Or is it the Pythia, Delphi

Once called the Oracle.

Waiting to awaken?

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