Poem: The Candle

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Poem: The candle

At times I’m deep and dreary, I’ve also known despair.

A shadow lives around the corner underneath the stairs.

Those fingers curling, surge and grab,

Taking laughter from all things.

That’s how my freedom lost its wings.

But one things true, I found in me.

We’re not alone, not even in the dark.

For beating deep inside, a candle is my heart .

It’s towards this candle sometimes,

With shuffling heavy tread.

I search the dark in this lost night before I go to bed.

It’s all I have to search for

A tiny flame of hope.

Imbued with light and grown within that place to which I grope.

Sneaking around the corner,

The morning wakes and I.

Rub my eyes, stretch my arms today I’ll learn to fly.

With it, find I meaning,

Lonely though I may be.

It’s from that candle in the dark but I will set me free.

Liam July 2018

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