Poem Poetry: Vision

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Poem Poetry: Vision

A vision in not simply an image or imagination

An idea or a vaguely translucent thought

Caught in future present

A vision is sight, light, a telescopic worm hole across time

My thoughts key that lock

Swinging back the gate of blinding

Opening the door of intuition to allow sight

Futures horn of plenty let’s glimpse the right

Now, here in this instant of wakefulness

We could project life’s vision behind that door

Into today

Into the way we work we play

We create it all, deep driven by the vision of the future

By the vision of the All

Give me trumpets of truth

Give me the fire of desire

Enough time wasted waiting in your game

Let’s move the mountain

Heave the oceans deep

Take this step across the shore of daily sleep

Be the vision of a life fulfilled

Be in tune with my greatest me

The World.

4 thoughts on “Poem Poetry: Vision

    1. Yes my heart felt thanks! Nobody ever comments on my work SO how refreshing to receive the encouragement! I’ll definitely look up the event. If you have the time, my Instagram ACC. “The-Poets-Blog “ might discover more work you’d find interesting? Liam

      1. You deserve it, Liam. I’m sorry to hear that you don’t receive comments on your work. But keep hope, as you slowly start building an audience with time, you’ll start to get a lot of feedback on WordPress. I will surely check out your instagram page.

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